Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nobody panic

So my family packed me off to a mental hospital under threat of being kicked out of the house. Then they kicked me out anyway. I have spent the last few weeks living out of hotels, and I'm running out of money.

I'm supposed to go get my stuff and my cat in the next few days, but I'm scared to deal with their shit. I have exceeded my capacity to tolerate drama without possibly losing my shit. I'm in the midwest for now. I've gone mostly off the grid. I changed my cell number, deactivated my facebook, and have been avoiding any way my crazy family can track me.

Once I get myself out of this temporary financial crisis, I can start a life that I live for myself and stop trying to make myself fit into a mold that my family tries to force me into.

I just want to paint and write and not panicking every time someone dreams up some imaginary crisis that makes me crazy.

So I'm okay. Nobody needs to panic. If I don't get to panic nobody else gets to. Thanks for the concern though, because in the last few weeks I've only gotten rage from my blood relatives.